Thursday Afternoon Treat

I just realized that I haven’t posted any blogs which is not related to recipe. Well, guess this would be my first blog that actually blog of my daily life.

My typical Thursday, let’s see..hmm… nothing interesting honestly. I woke up early in the morning like the other days, get myself a couple slices of chocolate bread and a glass of smoothie. Then head straight to the gym to burn some calories. But I did something different to my regular Thursday which I baked some desserts today! I know, it’s not a big deal. It’s just I normally do desserts during the weekend instead of weekday. As you know sometimes making desserts do cost you quit sometimes and I got too many works to do during the weekdays.

While I was watching a TV show during my lunch time, the show was introducing and discussing which Swiss roll brand is the best. Halfway through the show, I can’t stop the thought inside my head tells me to have some roll cakes! I tried to fight over it, I really did. But failed obviously. I get changed and head straight to the supermarket immediately to buy what I need to use for my vanilla Swiss cake. I wanna have a soft and light swiss cake texture with creamy filling. So I have got myself some cake flour, heavy cream, and fresh strawberries. Yumyum. I know it’s tempting right. Light cake layer rolled with soft and creamy filling, and with a bite of sweet and juicy strawberries. Perfect for summer time afternoon treat. I really wanna let you all try this cake, it’s super fluffy and soft. I gonna go and finish my roll cakesss, it’s luring me to have another bite!! Don’t worry readers, I’m going to show you this recipe sooner or later after I finished my roll cakes~

What’s your afternoon treat today?

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